Friday, July 21, 2023

Home Office Webcam: Professional, Practical

When you work fully remote, your webcam presence is your professional presence. But depending on who you work with they may have different expectations on how you should present yourself. Gamedev tends to be more casual. The focus is on what you contribute, and it doesn't have to be a sleek corporate look.

This room is my dedicated office for work. But it's also where I game and socialize online. I try to keep it clean and presentable. And my background contains my personal interests, games, and decorations.

Of primary interest is my retro-gaming shelf. It holds four generations of working Nintendo platforms (NES, SNES, N64, & GameCube) with hundreds of titles (original physical cartridges), and a small CRT that fits perfectly into the shelf.

My walls have movie posters, and framed fan-art graphics for classic games (F-Zero, Star Fox). And behind me is my wife's futon/sofa, which we keep so that the office can be used as a guest room if friends/family want to stay the night.

Lastly is a cat bed and pub chair for my darling cat Izzy. She likes to make an appearance when I'm doing video calls. But she does get banned from the office when she gets too demanding of attention. I pay her back with fish puree later.

Let me know if you think my home office setup is appropriate, or if you have any tips. Thanks! <3

/Lastly: I always use headphones on video meetings to reduce line noise on the call. I suggest everyone do that!

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