Monday, October 17, 2016

Unity3d tip - Multiple Preview Windows

The Unity3d editor has a preview window built into the Inspector tab. This lets you quickly visualize all types of game assets, from models to audio files.

Lesson 1: Detach the Preview

A very talented developer friend of mine, Nick Covington, pointed out to me that it was possible to detach the preview into its own standalone window. This is done simply by right clicking on the vertical divider between the preview and the Inspector. To re-attach the standalone preview window just close it.

Thanks Nick.

In my particular workflow I found that I preferred to view some assets in the attached preview (audio files) and others looked better in the standalone preview window (3d artwork). Switching between these modes slowed me down, until I realized I could have both.

Lesson 2: Use Two Inspector Previews

It's possible to have both the nested preview and the standalone preview. In order to do this, you need to create two Inspector windows (just right click on your current Inspector tab and use the drop down menu to select Add Tab > Inspector). Right click on the preview's vertical border (lesson 1) and adjust the standalone preview window to your liking. Then left click on the other Inspector tab and you'll notice you now have both a nested preview window and a standalone preview.

Customizing the interface this way can be particularly useful if you work across multiple monitors. I use a laptop with two external displays and I have limited desk space. So getting all of my viewports/panels/tabs arranged the way I desire is a huge benefit to comfort and productivity.

I hope this was helpful, and good luck with your projects!