Saturday, July 19, 2014

Emo Robot Island

Emo Robot Island is the first multiplayer game where I wrote all of the gameplay code.
(Using C# in Unity3D with RakNet).

In the past, I made levels for a lot of muliplayer games in the 90s-2000s like the HL mod FireArms and custom maps for TFC, BrainBread, SourceForts (HL2), Quake3, UT2K4 and Men of Valor.

But this game lets you customize your own robot.

Then hang out with us! As we figure out what features to add next :D

Don't forget to CRY you EMO ROBOTS (we <3 you):

I want to thank everyone on who has helped me, especially those who have taken time to test out the game:
  • Sk3letor
  • boredDev
  • ZeroSystem
  • fholm
  • SaraDR